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Each installation has taught us something about building a better fence and making a happier customer.  Our business has grown by exceeding our customers’ expectations. Wood posts are the most economical way of building wood privacy fences.  Wood posts should be framed to the top and to the inside. This helps prevent the 4x4s from warping and twisting. We prefer to use steel posts. If you decide to put in steel posts, then you are thinking right for the long run.  We use sch 40 steel pipe, the best pipe on the market; most fence companies put in 0.55, 0.65 or sch 20 wall thickness. All privacy fences on steel posts will withstand an 80 to 100 mph straight line winds.

At Big Tex, we take the time to consult with you to make sure you understand our recommendations and what options are available.

We do not cut corners.  We are perfectionists when it comes to building any type of fence for our customers.

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